CE Marked Hose Assemblies

Bay Corporation is a leading producer of hose assemblies for the anesthesia, respiratory, dental and surgical markets worldwide. Our medical gas hose assemblies are manufactured using reinforced, medical-grade, DEHP-free PVC hose as well as designed and produced to meet recognized international standards including ISO 5359, EN-739 and CSA-Z5359. Bay Corporation medical gas hose assemblies are available in a wide variety of international connections and can be customized to your specifications. Current available international connections include the following:

  1. Australian (SIS)
  2. British (BS)
  3. European (NIST)
  4. French (Afnor)
  5. German (DIN)
  6. Scandinavian (AGA)

Bay Corporation is an ISO 13485 certified manufacturer and has been certified to make CE Marked Low Pressure PVC Medical Gas Hose Assemblies.

Bay Corporation also manufactures hose assemblies with U.S.-type end connections, including Chemetron (NCG), DISS, Ohmeda (Diamond), Puritan, Schrader, and NPT. All hose assemblies can be made with Bay Corporation's unique 90° swivel adaptor.

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