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Bay Corporation's 90° DISS Swivel

Bay Corporation’s 90° DISS Swivel


Bay Corporation is excited to announce the newest addition to our product line! We’ve taken our DISS Nut & Nipple combinations that are already known and loved and made then even better. How? We added a streamlined 90° swivel combination! This new option is available for Medical Air, Nitrous Oxide, Oxygen and Vacuum / Suction fittings.

Our unique 90° swivel fittings were the first of its kind on the market and help prevent dangerous kinks and chafing. The innovative design also provides increased mobility while maintaining a secure connection; and you can save money on replacements while enjoying a longer life for your hose assemblies and other connections due the decrease in wear-and-tear at the point of contact between hoses and adapters.


This new product addition with a balanced seal offers a compact, streamlined design that is tamper resistant, permits 360° rotation and improves safety. The reduction of connection points will prevent the chance of having a leak. Using the all NEW 90° DISS Swivel fittings will provide an easy and safe way to make all of your connections!


With over 40 years of serving the largest device companies in the world, Bay Corporation provides you with high quality products and quick off the shelf service. We are “Your Medical Gas Fittings Specialist.”