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May 2019 Medical Observances

During the month of May this year, there are plenty of medical observances and celebrations happening. Here are just a few that Bay Corporation is going to pay special attention to throughout the month.

American Stroke Awareness Month

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This month is aimed at raising awareness about stroke symptoms to help all those affected

Clean Air Month

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Clean air that doesn’t contain pollutants is extremely important for everyone’s health, which is what this month recognizes. We’re making sure to do our part to keep our air clean by taking small steps all year to reduce our pollutants.

Global Employee Health and Fitness Month

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This month is dedicated to recognizing healthy practices and fitness routines for all employed people throughout the world. Bay Corporation is making an extra effort to encourage all of our employees to follow healthy diet and exercise plans all year long.

Healthy Vision Month

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This month also recognizes that taking care of our eyes is as important as taking care of the rest of our bodies.

National Asthma and Allergy Awareness Month

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This month is dedicated to reminding all allergy and asthma sufferers that there are many helpful ways to combat these common ailments and keep yourself healthy throughout the year.

National Nurse’s Week (May 6-12)

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Don’t forget to thank a nurse for everything they do to serve their community and all the sacrifices that they make this week!

National Hospital Week (May 7-13)

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This week is dedicated to recognizing all the work that hospitals and their employees put in to making all of our communities safe and healthy.

National Women’s Health Week (May 12-18)

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 This week is dedicated to all women, mothers, daughters, workers, and spouses that take care of everyone else before themselves as a reminder to take care of their own health.