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Our first product spotlight is.... DISS Fittings!

What exactly are DISS fittings? DISS stands for Diameter- Index Safety System. It was created by the CGA (Compressed Gas Association) to establish a removable, non-interchangeable connection to use for any of your suction, anesthetic or other medical gas needs. The specific design of each “family” member of DISS fitting ensures that they will only connect to other specific connections in their “family”. The design prevents the mixing of gasses and also prevents the accidental use of a wrong connection, which ensures patients are kept safe from accidental gas mixes or leaks, and it also makes it easier on the professionals who use them.  

What makes Bay Corporation's DISS fittings different from the next? We take great care to produce a perfect product throughout every stage (including the design, engineering, and manufacturing of each item). The wide variety of our DISS product line guarantees the correct fitting for any of your medical gas needs. 

Do our DISS fittings sound like something you could use? If so, or you just want some more information, click here to visit our DISS product page to browse through all of our DISS categories and products!