What's the Word (December 2017)

Cleveland is among 238 other cities that are vying for Amazon HQ2 and landing something like that would certainly be a huge boost to the area’s economy.  Now, when you are competing with the likes of several other big and more well-known cities, then chances are pretty slim for us.  But, at least we are able to legitimately join the conversation.  We keep telling you, Northeast Ohio is a GREAT place to live and work!  Again, come visit our wonderful home town!


In other Northeast Ohio news . . .


·         Browns are winless after 14 regular season games.

Yes, that is right, the Browns are currently 0-14 this season.  So much for a good record in the preseason.  Hue Jackson is an impressive (not!) 1-28 is his tenure as head coach.  He recently got the owner’s commitment for another season and that was after Jimmy Haslam replaced the General Manager.  And go figure, the head coach reports directly to the owner and not the GM!  If it sounds like we are bitter about the whole thing, then you got it right!  And you know what?! – IF the Browns ever turn this thing around, then they will likely be the “sweathearts” of the city because that is how crazy we are about football.



·         Cavaliers are off to a good start of the season.

The team has a current record of 23-8, good for 2nd place in the Eastern Conference and 5th overall in the league.  While most teams would be absolutely thrilled with these types of results after the first 27 games, when you have the best player in the world, perhaps ever, on your team then the only thing you are truly satisfied with are championships!  The G.O.A.T., LeBron James, is having a great personal season thus far and he will be a free agent after the season.  There is wild speculation that unless the Cavs win the championship, he will leave the team (again) and could be possibly headed to the Rockets.  But, hey, there is still a long way to go in the season and the talking heads have to talk about something!


·         Indians had another great season, but came up short in the playoffs.

Unfortunately, the team did not repeat as American League champions and go back to the World Series this year.  Instead, the Indians lost in the ALDS to the dreaded New York Yankees.  Those damn Yankees! Just kidding, East coast customers and vendors. Individually, many of the team’s players enjoyed a great season and earned post season honors, including  Cy Young winner Corey Kluber.  The off season is always an interesting time for a mid-market team like the Indians, so we will see what magic our front office can work again to provide players for our manager, Terry Francona, to lead.

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