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Here at Bay Corporation there is more to offer than what meets the eye. Our team of expert engineers and account managers are highly knowledgeable in the field of medical gas products. They are here to assist you with the best solution to your next development project. We have a strong resume of custom-engineered projects and have collaborated on many innovative designs for our customers. These custom designs can be as simple as a modification to an existing Bay Corporation catalog item or as complex as the development of proprietary assemblies and connections. Furthermore, we can design, engineer, and manufacture streamlined solutions to your medical device's current components. Bay Corporation works with your exact drawing specifications and communicates our design back to you via our 3-D CAD & modeling computer program (SolidWorks), which can be formatted to meet your file requirements.

In addition to our medical gas expertise, we have worked with many companies in other gas related industries, like fittings and connections for SCUBA products for example.

Bay Corporation's quality system is both ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certified.

Listed and on display in the slide show below is a sample of some of the custom projects that we have worked on:

  • Valve Design
  • specialty-b
  • specialty-c
  • specialty-d
  • specialty-e
  • specialty-f
  • specialty-g
  • specialty-h
  • specialty-i
  • specialty-j
  • specialty-k
  • specialty-l
  • specialty-m

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