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Product Catalog / Ohmeda®-Style Quick Connects

Ohmeda®-Style Quick Connects

Ohmeda®-Style Quick Connects | Medical Gas Fittings


Our Ohmeda®-style Quick Connects, also known as Ohio and Diamond Quick Connects, have been designed and engineered to be interchangeable with the original equipment manufacturer’s design in function, quality, and appearance along with some additional changes unique to Bay Corporation. Our Ohmeda®-style adaptors have a stainless steel nose and sleeve for durability, and a high flow design. The adaptors have a Chrome-plated brass body. Our couplers are designed with Bay Corporation’s unique high-flow valve and are 100% leak tested. They have a chrome-plated brass back body and a color-coded, high-strength plastic cap that has a gas identification marking. The color-coding on our quick connects along with their compact design makes them easy to identify and use. Our Ohmeda®-style couplers and quick connects are available for carbon dioxide, medical air, nitrous oxide, oxygen, vacuum/suction, and WAGD/AGSS. 

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